Sunday, January 17, 2010

Staying Alive

Hello peeps :)

here to update our half- dead blog again. Been quite busy with basketball these days , so yeah , dont really have the time to update our blog.

So how's life in 2010? fresh year fresh start EYE? fyi , we're in form 4 now , wooooohooooo! one year older, at least for the rest of them. But i cant say everything is going great , two words , stressed out, never expected the gap between form 3 and form 4 would be that huge, gonna work my butt off this year, no fooling around anymore.

Currently busy with all my basketball trainings and stuff, really trying to make the school team this year . Guess what? there's no more under 15 for this year :( Gotta keep up with the all-stars now aite and prepare myself. ZOOM KOBE V , slurpsssssssssssss! x)


Watched THE SPY NEXT DOOR yesterday , the movie wasn't as nice as expected , like seriously x(

Ratings : 4/5
but the kid in the movie was super duper zuper cute! OMG? she's just so adorable :)

OMG? how could you not love her? xD

Thats all for today people ,
ryan will do the next update but i dont know when -.-

Signing out,

Monday, January 11, 2010

Because I Love You ♥

Guess who ? :D

am freaking bored right now :( ADD MATHS can fuck the sky . Dont really know wat to udpate . webcammed with mang ning yesterday x) talked alot of crap LOL :) Been a long time since we talked to each other (:

Here are some of the SHOTS x)

Her Pose before she went offline LOL .

got fucked by teacher today -.- and i forgot why . i have nothing to update .

Ryan is Love Drunk ♥

Signing Out .
Ryan .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Can Be More Than Just Friends ♥


you're a great , great friend ♥

Signing Out .

Monday, December 28, 2009

Purest of Pain

Sup guys?

This shitty blog would be dead if I'm not here now xD As you know, me and ryan are not crazy bloggers, so we dont update our blog that frequently.

First , I want to congratulate BP San for winning the YSL competition:

You guys played well , Im sure we'll get a chance to play again someday, so dont let your guard down okay ? :D

Im currently addicted to the movie '21' . Im just watching it over and over again everyday, this movie is just too cool . For those who haven't watch this movie , well you should. Its a really really cool movie . Do you know what they shout when they get a black jack , it goes like this , ' winner, winner, chicken dinner' xD funny but pro :D

Ratings: Hell yeah! 5/5 :D

Thats all for today peeps! :D

Signing out ,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Midnight before PMR

Ann Wants To help me update : )

actually is he is the one who ask me to update for him =P shhh
so since im kind enuff , so i help him in this midnight, sacrificing my sleeping time ):
how great am i uhh ? =P alright , shall stop crapping & get into our stories of the day.

he woke up early in the morning to wait for david , chaksoon & me . LOL !
Yucin : david said he'll be reaching around 9 but he ended up reaching at 10++. *angryface*
ChakSoon was the earliest who reached my place while Ann was the latest , she said that her mummy wasn't free to fetch her.

Around 11++, finally Ann reached :D we were so happy, and she asked us to get into her car. Her mummy dropped us at sunway pyramid. First, we stoned @ StarBucks. Then for the sake of En, we walked to the cinema & bought her Avatar tickets. Later om , we accompanied Ann to buy something (: We went to find julia at ZING . the place where she works . Stone @ McD while waiting for julia.We were like those beggars, ChakSoon bought a regular coke & we refilled for like 123456789 times. LOL ! what to do ? We're COOL ! walked to cinema again . Wanted to buy tickets for princess and the frog since ann wants to watch so desperately . But There was no ticket so she complained like some 3 year old girl o.O ! Met up with Kientat, Rodney & Edward *Ann's Friends* at snooker place . :D En collected her tickets & we slacked around like some retards. Finally, they decided to eat @ Zhia's Kitchen while David & I waited for them at snooker place. They met us up after finished their lunch. Walked home with Ann, En, ChakSoon & David around 5.

had fun with ze buddies & camwhored like some lifeless people.
food was absolutely delicious. :D
photos will be uploaded in the next post (:

Till Then ,
Had fun & Good luck for all Pmr candidates .

signing off,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Wanted You ♥

Dont Cry Because Its Over , Smile Because It Happened
Some people come into our lives , and leave footprints on our hearts . We never know how to appriciate someone until they're gone . I , have lost someone precious to me . Someone important , someone who was always there for me . But we humans are all the same , we dont know whats there till they're gone . Till the day she walked away from me . Than only i knew my true feelings for her . I was dumb , I was arrogant . Everyone said that we were perfect for each other . I guess they were right , I was the one who was too blind to notice it myself .

Do you still remember ? Do you still remember the great times we had together ? I would call it the best memories of my life . We used to laugh together , we used to share everything with each other , we used to spend each and everyday with each other , and it was the best , YOU were the best . I still remember how we used to jump around and have fun together . You were my best friend . THE best friend , I could not ask for more . I still remembered when i have problems with my girlfriend , you were always there for me , to cheer me up .

But as time passes , things begin to change . Somehow we started to stop talking to each other , and i cant recall why . we went our separate ways . We barely do anything with each other anymore . After a year , Until the day i realized , a part of me is missing , something important . And i found out that all along , you were the one . I could love no one else anymore . When i think of the days we used to have fun , it makes me smile . When i think of how i let you slip away so easily from my life , i'll just cry myself to sleep . I really am stupid , i should never have let go of you . I'm sorry .

Night after night , I hear myself say , Why cant this feeling just fade away . Right now , i want more then just be your best friend . But i realized , we are not best friends anymore . We barely talk to each other anymore . We just seem like total strangers already . Thinking of it really is heart breaking . As i try to get back close to you , i feel afraid . As you got a different friends , different life . Its like i dont know you anymore .

I'm not asking anything , I just think you shoud know this , as my heart cant contain it anymore . You'll always be the one i used to laugh with , the one who i have the most fun with . And i shall always remember it .

Signing Out .
Ryan .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad Romance

Hello world!
Just came back from a 5 day 4 night cruise vacation.
Will try to update soon yeah! :D Peace out :)

Signing out,